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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management is a comprehensive approach to pest control that regularly monitors your home or business to determine if and when pest control treatments are necessary.

We use physical, mechanical, cultural, biological and educational tactics to keep pest numbers under control and prevent damage to your property.

Treatments are customized to meet your needs.  Unlike other pest-control companies, we don’t rely on a pre-determined schedule treatments specifically when and where monitoring shows the pest will inflict economic, medical or aesthetic damage to your property.

Our IPM program has four components:

Bed Bug Remediation

Bed bugs hide in undisturbed places where a person sleeps or sits for an extended period of time. Typically they are found in the bed, around the mattress seams, box springs, floorboards and furniture. Depending on the infestation bed bugs have unlimited spaces to hide and will crawl considerable distances to obtain a blood meal from a person or pet.

Pest at Rest is certified by the New York Pest Management Association (NYPMA) as Bed Bug Specialists. Our professionals know the most innovative techniques in bed beg suppression.  We service a wide variety of customers with all levels of bed-bug infestation, including homes, restaurants and businesses. 

Rodent Proofing and Abatement

Rodents often nest in buildings, homes and offices. They can squeeze through tiny spaces and can inflict serious damage by gnawing their way throughout your property.  To eliminate rodent activity, all food sources and entry points must be sealed.

Finding all of the rodent’s entry points is the most important part to a rodent free environment.  Our certified applicators will conduct a thorough inspection to identify all current and potential entry points.  They will inspect for all openings: for example, behind refrigerators, cabinets, stoves, water pipes, telephone wires, drain spouts, vents, basements, doors, and high-traffic areas where food and water may attract rodents.  Once these points are found, our team of professionals will install (Bait Stations) and seal all points of entry.  (Rodent Proofing).

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